Sovana is a charming village with a magical atmosphere a real rare gem of medieval town planning. From VII to the III century BC It was a flourishing Etruscan center, and related to this period is also the important Etruscan necropolis with its most important tomb called Ildebranda shaped like a greek temple.
It was then an important village in Roman times and has become also a bishopric spot. It was then conquered by the Lombards and was later under the Aldobrandeschi, and their Duchy was extended to the entire province of Grosseto. The town then passed to the family Orsini by inheritance and after it was looted and destroyed by Siena. The village remained in a state of great neglect for centuries but had the good fortune to arrive intact to our days in his medieval vest.
From the Aldobrandeschi Citadel walking along the “cotto” pavement, you get up to the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul … Sovana still retains its original charm and splendor. In Piazza del Pretorio we can admire the Palazzo Pretorio, the Loggia del Capitano, the Palace of the Archive, as well as the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and Palazzo Bourbon del Monte, partly leaning against the ancient Church of San Mamiliano and, continuing to Via del Duomo you can find the supposed birthplace of the most famous person of the village known by many as Hildebrand Pope Gregory VII.