Sorano is one of the Tufo villages of Tuscan Maremma and is located within walking distance of Pitigliano and Sovana. This village is striking for the unusual agglomeration of buildings which almost merge with the spur of tufa rock on which it is built. It still retains a medieval structure and in fact some houses grow in height, while others are entirely dug into the tufo rock. What you face in the historic center of the village is a maze of streets and alleys so intricate that you will feel to lose orientation.
Sorano is dominated by the fortress of the Orsini built in the fourteenth century and is one of the most remarkable performances of military architecture of the Italian Renaissance.
The village is surrounded by numerous archaeological sites all with an incredible charm. There are many monuments to visit including to not miss the Masso Leopoldino: a big tufa rock which is located opposite to the oldest part of the fortress. the Fortezza Orsini: which is accessed by a former drawbridge spanning a moat and the park San Rocco that is located along the road that takes you from Sovana to Sorano, here you can see chamber tombs and numerous Roman columbaria.